Chuffed About My Chair (And Champagne Truffles)

 Last week I took a little present to my wonderful editor (yes, it was chocolate, of course!) to thank her for all she has done for Charles and Emma and me. It was wonderfully fun to pick out all the different pieces at Teuscher’s. It was only after I had picked them all out that I realized it was a million degrees (o.k., 100) outside. Fortunately Teuscher’s had a solution: an ice pack and an insulated bag. They were in great shape when I arrived at her office in: 

We had a wonderful visit. We talked about chocolate and my next book (in which the Flatiron building plays a cameo) and other publishing/writing things.Read more

YALSA and me

Hoping that a picture will suffice for now, and with apologies to those who have been asking what it was all like, I’m posting this photo of me and my Editor, Laura Godwin, she holding the plaque all the finalists received, me holding the (insert proper word here–anyone?) I received as the winner of the first ever YALSA Excellence in Young Adult Nonfiction Award. It is a thing of beauty. AND very heavy.

I promise to write soon about the phone calls. For now I will say: with one phone call I scared an entire restaurant (I’m not kidding) and the other I almost knocked down an entire wall of jams and jellies and marmalades.Read more

Blog neglect, Peter and Rosemary Grant, Fun Photos, and Shoes Needed

Perhaps there is a term for this, or we should think of it. Blog neglect is all I can think of. I have this nice little blog. A space to talk and write and vent and pontificate and show photos. And sometimes I am very attentive and sometimes I neglect this poor little blog.

I have neglected my flowers, but it rained, and so they are still alive. I honestly don’t want it to rain on my blog, though.

So here is a quick lick and a promise to write more soon before we head off to Kyoto on Saturday. Oh, yes, Kyoto, which might just explain why I’ve been too busy to blog, but in fact, it does not!… Read more

National Book Award, Oatmeal, and other random and not so random thoughts

Apparently if your book is named a National Book Award Finalist, you lose the ability to make oatmeal. Not to generalize from the particular or anything, but that simple task has bested me this morning. Maybe it’s because I got up at 4 something and couldn’t go back to sleep. Maybe it’s because I attempted this task before coffee (while coffee was perking…). That whole overflowing in the microwave thing is not pretty. But for some reason, even in my pre-coffee state, it just didn’t seem like such a big deal.

Especially after I came to my computer and refreshed the National Book Foundation web site and saw that Charles and Emma is still there!… Read more