Publication Day for Intentions, My “Book in a Box”

Today, August 14, 2012, is a day I wasn’t sure would ever come. It is the publication of a book I’ve been working on, off and on, for close to two decades. I had so many drafts and so much research material (in its first incarnation it was set in the 1970’s) that after a while file drawers would not do–I had to put all those drafts and articles into a huge plastic box, the kind you get to hold the scores of legos or plastic dinosaurs that are overflowing the playroom shelves. I started the book when my sons were enamored of those little plastic toys, it is being published when those little boys are men with jobs, men who tower over me.… Read more

A beautiful piece of art about Charles and Emma Darwin

A week ago I got a lovely e-mail from a woman in California, Karen Silton. She had read the op-ed I wrote for the LA Times back in January, called A Marriage of Science and Religion, about my (second) favorite couple. She wrote that the article inspired her to create a piece of mosaic artwork. And when she read that I was going to be in Princeton at the Book Festival last Saturday (that’s a link to photos from the festival!), she askedher son Zach (who is a senior at Princeton) to buy a copy of C & E for her, and to give me something.Read more