YA Books with Religious Themes

Francisco Stork and I had a panel discussion at ALAN/NCTE 2012 about YA books with religious themes. We handed out this list and promised to post it online. Herewith the post, just a little later than I would have liked. Sorry!

Please know that the list is not meant to be comprehensive, nor have we read every book, though we have read many of them, of course, and have even written a few (two each to be exact).  Most are fiction, but a few are nonfiction. We compiled it based on recommendations by other writers, teachers and librarians. Please email me (Deborah@DeborahHeiligman.com) with additions or corrections.

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Religion, The Last Taboo of YA Literature

Ever since I saw Lost In America, I’ve wanted to go to Las Vegas. Ever since my husband watched it (at the same time) he very much did not want me to go to Las Vegas.

Can you say NEST EGG?

But now I am going without my husband, but not to gamble. I’m going to Las Vegas for the ALAN portion of NCTE. To talk to English teachers. Yay. (I am sure there will be some gambling involved… shhhhh)

I’m on a panel with Francisco X. Stork called “Religion, The Last Taboo of YA Literature.” To that end I am reading YAs with religious themes, and compiling a list of those recommended by others.… Read more