YA Books with Religious Themes

Francisco Stork and I had a panel discussion at ALAN/NCTE 2012 about YA books with religious themes. We handed out this list and promised to post it online. Herewith the post, just a little later than I would have liked. Sorry!

Please know that the list is not meant to be comprehensive, nor have we read every book, though we have read many of them, of course, and have even written a few (two each to be exact).  Most are fiction, but a few are nonfiction. We compiled it based on recommendations by other writers, teachers and librarians. Please email me (Deborah@DeborahHeiligman.com) with additions or corrections.

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Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin



Happy Birthday, my dear Charles. (And one to you, too Mr. Lincoln!) Thank you to Anita Silvey for this lovely tribute to Charles and Emma. The comments slay me, and the new ones this year especially so.

Thanks, also to Margo Tanenbaum for this interview with me about Intentions for the Sydney Taylor Blog Tour (click on the poster on my home page to see the schedule and read more interviews with other authors).

Reading: I’m halfway through Okay for Now, which I’m loving. Not sure what’s up next. Keep the suggestions coming!

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Two Nice things to Share

I should be packing for Las Vegas (a sentence I never thought I’d write). But before I do, I just want to share two things. First, Intentions made this very cool list: Booklist’s Top Ten Books for Youth on Religion and Spirituality. I am so happy about this!

And yesterday I got a few copies of the Advanced Reader’s Edition of THE BOY WHO LOVED MATH. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. In my completely unbiased opinion. Here’s the shot I took in the lobby of the Flatiron building:

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Publication Day for Intentions, My “Book in a Box”

Today, August 14, 2012, is a day I wasn’t sure would ever come. It is the publication of a book I’ve been working on, off and on, for close to two decades. I had so many drafts and so much research material (in its first incarnation it was set in the 1970’s) that after a while file drawers would not do–I had to put all those drafts and articles into a huge plastic box, the kind you get to hold the scores of legos or plastic dinosaurs that are overflowing the playroom shelves. I started the book when my sons were enamored of those little plastic toys, it is being published when those little boys are men with jobs, men who tower over me.… Read more

Dog Days

On July 8, 2012, a new being came into our lives. It’s been almost a month, and I can say that every day is now a dog day, and happily so. The Monday after we got her, I sat down at my desk to write. Ketzie immediately decided that while I’m at work, her favorite place to be is right there, in the corner, under my desk. You can’t imagine how happy this makes me. A writer’s life can be lonely. Having a little creature with you at all times chases away the lonely blues. (It also makes it seem like you are talking to a dog, and not yourself.… Read more