Inspiration and Bravery and Rewards


I am always looking for writing inspiration. Aren’t you? If you’re a writer–or a teacher–I bet the answer is YES.

I often go to talks and lectures hoping for inspiration, and only sometimes get it. I think that’s because inspiration is so personal. A few weeks ago I went to an event that was inspiring for many reasons.  I wrote about it here for the Highlights Foundation blog.

One moment that I didn’t write about in that post was when Elizabeth Strout said she writes through the panic. She always panics during the writing of a book, and she knows she has to write through that inevitable fear. I’m so glad she does! That was inspirational in a misery-loves-company kind of way. But also in a good point! kind of way. Don’t stop just because you’re scared. Keep going.

I will add one thing: give yourself rewards for that bravery. My rewards usually involve food and friends,  as you might have gathered if you follow me on Instagram!