Caroline Kennedy and the power of reporters.

Today’s New York Times article about Caroline Kennedy shows the power of journalists, all the nay-sayers be damned. Go to

She obviously pissed off these reporters by her “go work for a women’s magazine comment” among, I would guess other comments and perhaps her attitude. In the box where they give quotes directly from her they make no effort to clean up her speech. I had noticed listening to her on the radio that she has a verbal tic with “you know”–as in every other phrase is “you know.” If she had wooed those reporters they would have cleaned that up.

I’m disappointed. I was cheering for her. I think it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have someone who knows politics but is not a politician representing my new state in the senate. I also have a thing for her–she’s 5 months older than I am, and one of my earliest memories was of her kissing her father’s casket and knowing, right then, that she was made of stronger stuff than most mortals. So it’s been bothering me that she has that verbal tic. It’s been bothering me that she’s being so vague in her positions, and in her disclosures. But what’s bothering me more is that she couldn’t win over two New York Times reporters.

And I have to say Yay to them, for letting us know that.