Why Jane Austen Needed Facebook, But I Don’t (Right Now)


     The other day I picked up a book I’d had for years but hadn’t gotten around to. It’s a small volume, a biography. I decided to read it because I’m writing a biography and although I don’t usually like to read  in the genre I’m writing, I thought this would be a small investment in time to see how someone else wrote a biography about someone whom a lot is known, but not, perhaps, enough. I thought it might help me figure out how to write my book.

     However, instead of a guide, I found a treasure. 


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Why I Like Facebook and Twitter

Last week the most e-mailed article on the New York Times on line was this one, about an exodus from Facebook. I have nothing against the reporter, Virginia Heffernan. In fact, I like her articles a lot. But I am not one of those people who is leaving Facebook. I am not part of that trend. I usually am not part of a trend until it’s on the way out.  But I hope this is not a mass exodus because, O.K., I’m just going to say it:

And here are my two top reasons:

Scrabble. I am currently in four games: one with each of my sons, one with both of them, and one with one of my nieces.

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