O.K. then, back to our regular programming. And: Theory of Life

It seems that the buy buttons are back on Amazon. Though I did get a very strange answer from an assistant to Jeff Bezos, totally ignoring the Macmillan fight. Acting like the removal of the buy-button was just some weird kind of glitch.

Thanks to all of you who commented here, and on Twitter, and on Facebook, and in emails. It’s very nice not to feel alone!

Now back to our regular programming!

About a year ago, my husband and brother-in-law went to hear Tom Wolfe speak at Symphony Space. Clad in his usual white suit, Wolfe said that he thought everyone has a theory of life, and that that theory could be summed up in one word or phrase.… Read more

Charles and Emma Darwin and a Theory of Life

Happy 200th Birthday, Charles Darwin! (Lincoln who? Just kidding…) Robert Krulwich did a story using me on Morning Edition today, and I think it turned out great. Here’s the link:


I taped more than an hour of conversation with him, and he did a great job of editing it down (oh and he interviewed two other people, too). The thing about this book is that I can talk about it endlessly because it is truly a book from my heart. It really so much represents what I’m all about: people, relationships, family, and the intersection of science and religion (given who my husband is).… Read more