A Boy Who Loves Math and Books

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This is Jonathan, a boy who loves math. His grandmother drove almost two hours to bring him to the Gaithersburg Book Festival so he could buy him his own signed copy of the book. His grandma sent me this picture and told me that she had been taking the book out of her Pennsylvania library, and bringing it down to Maryland for weekend visits. Jonathan related to it so much, she knew she had to buy him his own copy! When she saw I’d be in his own town, she made it happen.

These moments with him made my day.… Read more

The Cook Prize!


I’m thrilled to report that THE BOY WHO LOVED MATH won the Cook Prize!

For details please visit the Bank Street page here. This one is extra-special to me and to the awesome LeUyen Pham because the finalists were chosen by the Bank Street Book Committee, and then the winner was voted on by epsilons! Paul would love that.


Thank you to all the teachers and librarians who helped their 3rd and 4th-grade children participate. It’s the third year for this prize. May it continue on infinitely!  

The other finalists are stellar. Check them out: 

No Monkeys, No Chocolate by Melissa Stewart, Bone by Bone by Sara Levine and Toilet by David MacaulayRead more

Chuffed About My Chair (And Champagne Truffles)

 Last week I took a little present to my wonderful editor (yes, it was chocolate, of course!) to thank her for all she has done for Charles and Emma and me. It was wonderfully fun to pick out all the different pieces at Teuscher’s. It was only after I had picked them all out that I realized it was a million degrees (o.k., 100) outside. Fortunately Teuscher’s had a solution: an ice pack and an insulated bag. They were in great shape when I arrived at her office in: 

We had a wonderful visit. We talked about chocolate and my next book (in which the Flatiron building plays a cameo) and other publishing/writing things.Read more