What We’re Reading Here


Monday, October 28, 2013 the books we are reading:

I am reading The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. I’m very glad this book is not longer than it is because I would probably lose my job. If I had one that I could be fired from. It is so good I can’t put it down.

I’m listening to Quiet by Susan Cain. I’m finding it very interesting. More on that one later.

Jon is all about Henry James these days. And for our book group next we’re going to read Portrait of a Lady. I’m looking forward to that.… Read more

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin



Happy Birthday, my dear Charles. (And one to you, too Mr. Lincoln!) Thank you to Anita Silvey for this lovely tribute to Charles and Emma. The comments slay me, and the new ones this year especially so.

Thanks, also to Margo Tanenbaum for this interview with me about Intentions for the Sydney Taylor Blog Tour (click on the poster on my home page to see the schedule and read more interviews with other authors).

Reading: I’m halfway through Okay for Now, which I’m loving. Not sure what’s up next. Keep the suggestions coming!

Writing: Good bubble today!… Read more

Reading, reading, reading

As Sara Zarr so eloquently said here, we were just at a professional writers’ retreat together.  Like Sara, I came back with one big take-home lesson: I have not been reading enough, and that is just nuts. Because love of reading, love of books, is one of the main reasons I became a writer. And especially a writer for kids.

At the retreat a bunch of us talked (second big take-home lesson: friends who do what you do and are smart and kind are golden) about where are nonwriting time is going, and many of us realized too much of it was going to that dubious activity of sitting in front of the computer doing—what?Read more

What I’m Reading. Or Trying to Read. A Pledge to Myself.

 One of the biggest problems I have in terms of time management is finding enough time to read. I don’t mean scanning the newspaper or reading emails, facebook, twitter, etc. I mean, really really read. Books. Long magazine articles. The op-ed pieces in the New York Times. Even (don’t yell at me for this "even," Aaron) really interesting blog posts or interviews people recommend.  

Reading is not only fun and inspiring and soul-enhancing and life-expanding, it is also or should be part of my job as a writer. I read a lot when I do research for my non-fiction books.… Read more