Kyoto: Talking Dinosaurs, Kids, Peter and Rosemary Grant, Allentown, PA and, Of Course, More Food

I met this dinosaur last Friday at the Kids’ Science Center. He (I think he’s a he) speaks Japanese, of course. Over the course of the week I learned a few Japanese phrases, but they mostly had to do with saying thank you. I don’t think this guy says thank you. I went to the Science Center to watch my friends Peter and Rosemary Grant talk to kids about their work, an event which affirmed two things for me: the Grants are fantastic and kids really can learn about anything if presented in the right away. I’m stating the obvious, but I don’t think that everyone agrees, so I say it as often as possible.Read more

Kyoto Prize Festivities–First Installment

We traveled to Japan last Saturday, arriving on Sunday, losing a day when we crossed over the international date line. We hope to get that day back on the way home. (I get myself into a mathematical tizzy if I think about this too much. What if we moved to Japan and never came back? What if we kept going in one direction, back home, would we gain day after day until we became immortal? Where does that day go? Aaron, help!)

I knew right away that this was going to be a different kind of trip than we had ever taken when we were given an invitation to the first class lounge at the airport.… Read more

Blog neglect, Peter and Rosemary Grant, Fun Photos, and Shoes Needed

Perhaps there is a term for this, or we should think of it. Blog neglect is all I can think of. I have this nice little blog. A space to talk and write and vent and pontificate and show photos. And sometimes I am very attentive and sometimes I neglect this poor little blog.

I have neglected my flowers, but it rained, and so they are still alive. I honestly don’t want it to rain on my blog, though.

So here is a quick lick and a promise to write more soon before we head off to Kyoto on Saturday. Oh, yes, Kyoto, which might just explain why I’ve been too busy to blog, but in fact, it does not!… Read more