Grateful, Happy, Flying: It’s Been an Amazing Couple of Days

Have you ever seen five such happy authors? (If you did, it was probably last year’s photo of the NBA finalists in Young People’s Literature.) Rocco Staino, of SLJ, took this photo at yesterday’s teen press conference, which he also wrote about today. It’s a great article. Thank you, Rocco! That’s Phillip Hoose, Laini Taylor, me, Rita Williams-Garcia, and David Small. We were (are!) actually that happy. Rocco also took this photo of me with a student named Marjana Chodhury, whom he quotes in his article. Marjana and I had a wonderful talk as I signed her book.

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My last post was about oatmeal and the National Book Award. Keeping with a theme, I would like  to share my granola recipe. I made it yesterday (yesterday being a day of mostly lying in the couch recuperating from screaming since noon on Wednesday). It is just so delicious that I want to share it. Tomorrow I will be speaking to children at Bank Street (their Mock Newbery committee) with Jacqueline Kelly, author of The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate. And in the afternoon we are going to meet a whole bunch of wonderful NYC children’s book people at the Holt offices. So today I’m preparing speeches, exercising, and eating granola. 

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National Book Award, Oatmeal, and other random and not so random thoughts

Apparently if your book is named a National Book Award Finalist, you lose the ability to make oatmeal. Not to generalize from the particular or anything, but that simple task has bested me this morning. Maybe it’s because I got up at 4 something and couldn’t go back to sleep. Maybe it’s because I attempted this task before coffee (while coffee was perking…). That whole overflowing in the microwave thing is not pretty. But for some reason, even in my pre-coffee state, it just didn’t seem like such a big deal.

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