A Great Day in DC: or Once Again, Nothing like Children’s Book People

Today was day one in DC.  I had two great events: I taped a long, wonderful interview at WETA for Reading Rockets  photos below, and then I talked to kids and librarians at a public library. Everyone was wonderful, welcoming, and there is nothing like talking to people who smile and nod at you while you speak. I had the same experience on Monday at Bank Street, and later at Holt’s offices. It’s being a very nice week. I haven’t cleared permission to post the Bank Street photos yet, but as soon as I do, I will. Here are photos from today–after the taping.Read more

Earth in the Hot Seat

Here http://www.marfebooks.com/files/ngweekend.mp3 is a wonderful interview with my friend Marfe Ferguson Delano, who wrote the great new book EARTH IN THE HOT SEAT. I love what she says about kids (and us, too) being able to make a difference. At a time when there is so much bad stuff that is out of our control, to know that we can help our planet–really help it–is very reassuring. And empowering. Thanks to Marfe for sharing the interview, and especially for writing this book.

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