Come to Borders next Week!

 My husband, Jonathan Weiner, is celebrating his new book, LONG FOR THIS WORLD, in many ways next week. He’s going to be on The Takeaway on NPR and the Leonard Lopate Show here in NYC on Wednesday the 23rd. And on Thursday the 24th of June he’ll be at Borders in Columbus Circle. Come say hello! 

Also while I’m at it, check out this great page with really interesting interviews about immortality.

Next blog post: my (our) new hobby. 


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Vacation Rocks

 We’ve been back for a week and something tells me it’s time to get back to work in earnest. Something else tells me it’s Friday, and what the heck. Something else tells me I should really get back to my book and then something else tells me that my boss can be very mean. Something else tells me that this is the dilemma of the self-employed and then something else says once again, HEY DUMB-DUMB, IT’S FRIDAY. 

Something else tells me maybe I have voices in my head that need to go away. Go away, Voices. 

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Long for This World

After working on his book for (mumble, mumble, unintelligible) years, my husband is not only finished writing it (finally, to quote him, I swear), but it is about to come out (June 22), and not only that, but it has gotten two starred reviews (out of two, so far) and great blurbs, and etc. Yay! 

So while I whisk him away for a much-deserved vacation after all the trauma and angst (and he deserves a break, too), I thought I’d  post him talking about the book, LONG FOR THIS WORLD. I hope you enjoy it. Just click here.

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