Kyoto Prize Festivities–First Installment

We traveled to Japan last Saturday, arriving on Sunday, losing a day when we crossed over the international date line. We hope to get that day back on the way home. (I get myself into a mathematical tizzy if I think about this too much. What if we moved to Japan and never came back? What if we kept going in one direction, back home, would we gain day after day until we became immortal? Where does that day go? Aaron, help!)

I knew right away that this was going to be a different kind of trip than we had ever taken when we were given an invitation to the first class lounge at the airport.… Read more

Website for Karen Silton

A quick post on a busy day. It’s Rosh Hashanah starting tonight and I’m cooking dinner for family tomorrow night. I have no idea what I’m cooking. This is not a good thing. But I will pull it off. (I have some idea.) 

It’s also National Talk Like A Pirate Day, apparently. So as my cousin Neil said,

"Shana Tova….aaarrrrrrgh!"

But the other reason for this post is to give you the link for the mosaic artist’s web site. Karen Silton:

And she also does doggie jewelry:

You probably think I’m going to go cook now. But instead I’m going to have lunch with a friend, and then think about the menu.

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A beautiful piece of art about Charles and Emma Darwin

A week ago I got a lovely e-mail from a woman in California, Karen Silton. She had read the op-ed I wrote for the LA Times back in January, called A Marriage of Science and Religion, about my (second) favorite couple. She wrote that the article inspired her to create a piece of mosaic artwork. And when she read that I was going to be in Princeton at the Book Festival last Saturday (that’s a link to photos from the festival!), she askedher son Zach (who is a senior at Princeton) to buy a copy of C & E for her, and to give me something.Read more