Inspiration and Bravery and Rewards


I am always looking for writing inspiration. Aren’t you? If you’re a writer–or a teacher–I bet the answer is YES.

I often go to talks and lectures hoping for inspiration, and only sometimes get it. I think that’s because inspiration is so personal. A few weeks ago I went to an event that was inspiring for many reasons.  I wrote about it here for the Highlights Foundation blog.

One moment that I didn’t write about in that post was when Elizabeth Strout said she writes through the panic. She always panics during the writing of a book, and she knows she has to write through that inevitable fear.… Read more

Reading, reading, reading

As Sara Zarr so eloquently said here, we were just at a professional writers’ retreat together.  Like Sara, I came back with one big take-home lesson: I have not been reading enough, and that is just nuts. Because love of reading, love of books, is one of the main reasons I became a writer. And especially a writer for kids.

At the retreat a bunch of us talked (second big take-home lesson: friends who do what you do and are smart and kind are golden) about where are nonwriting time is going, and many of us realized too much of it was going to that dubious activity of sitting in front of the computer doing—what?Read more