Reality Check

 Thanks to Jane Yolen I was made aware of the Today Show’s lack of class and judgment. Here’s her rant

Here is the email I wrote to the Today Show (at Hint, hint. 

Did you really bump the Newbery and Caldecott winners for some lame reality show woman who "wrote" a "book?" And then Spike Lee and his wife who claimed the next day that no good children’s literature is being published?

This is a shame, a real shame.

The Today Show is supposed to have class.

C’mon guys.

It’s not too late. Have them on now! Celebrate quality children’s literature.… Read more

What She Said

It’s a really good Monday morning when you read a wonderful 
poem by Marge Piercy about loving people who work hard, and loving work. I got to this poem because Jane Yolen posted it on Facebook and then Debbie Ridpath Ohi tweeted it. 

It’s a PERFECT Monday morning when you follow that up by going to Laurie Halse Anderson’s blog post of the day. It’s called Your Time Is Your Currency. Just go there, read it. 

I’ll be plowing my fields while you plow yours. 

Happy Monday! 

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The Bubble Explained: Part Two

 Yesterday I had the great good fortune to spend the afternoon with women I worked with twenty some years ago at Scholastic News, where we all learned to write for kids (which is a noble and well-respected genre, but I am NOT going to rant about that condescending essay someone wrote recently. I’m not.). Anyway, they had read my previous post and asked me some questions about The Bubble. I realized I hadn’t told you the whole story. The reasoning behind the bubble. So here goes:

First of all, credit where credit is due: my husband, Jonathan Weiner, coined the term as I am using it.… Read more