Powerless to the Raingods…

Today is day one of the graduation festivities for son #2. Son #1 didn’t go to his graduation, and so neither did we. I was looking forward to the ceremonies. A way to celebrate this amazing young man, and his fantastic four years. 

As I write this, the rain is pouring down here in the city. 
Putting on my slicker…. 

In other news, my last I.N.K. blog post of the school year is up. What I’m going to read for the summer: books about writing nonfiction, and more.

Happy Graduation, Benjamin. Happy rain, oh ye gods with senses of humor.  

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I Love Back Matter

 I have been so busy in my writing bubble for my novel and for my nonfiction book that I have been neglecting poor Deborah18. I think I have to make a new resolution: write here once a week or twice a month or.. something. I will think about this after I figure out how to bribe some secret holders (nonfiction) and if I have too much nookie (YA novel). 

In the meantime, please check out my paean to Back Matter over on I.N.K. http://www.inkrethink.blogspot.com/

Yours in the bubble, 
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