Pink Brains, Smelly Socks and Core Questions, Tomorrow on I.N.K. A Sneak Preview

I have my monthly I.N.K. blog post up tomorrow. What does Leslie Voshall have in common with Elizabeth Bird, pink brains, and the Common Core? And what was that about smelly socks? And stretching? Most importantly why did I go out Friday night instead of staying home eating popcorn in my pajamas? These and other burning questions will be answered tomorrow on I.N.K. Meanwhile, go see what Cheryl Harness has to say today about ideas, and what Barbara Kerley had to say last week about the Common Core.… Read more

Writers at Work: A Reality Show; and Help All Kids Read

Over on I.N.K. I posted about time management for writers. Title (above). But here I want to say just how proud I am of my friend Pat Brisson. Please read this article! Now that’s a story about a writer at work really helping, in a prison. That’s a Reality Show. Bless you, Pat Brisson.

Short post as I have much to do today, including my weekly visit at a local elementary school where I read with a little girl. I do this through a group called Everybody Wins. And they are hoping we can make this a national cause–please check out this website,,  and help Everybody Wins make reading to all children a national priority.… Read more

I.N.K. Think Tank Launches: Use Trade Books In Your Classroom or Homeschool! (or living room)

What happens when Vicki Cobb has a great idea? She makes it happen. Piggy-backing on the brainchild of Linda Salzman, I.N.K., Interesting Nonfiction for Kids,  the blog I write for once a month, we now have a new web site, with a data base you can search to use great nonfiction kids books in the classroom. Take a look: I.N.K. Think Tank launches today. Melissa Stewart wrote a wonderful blog about it this morning on her great page Celebrate Science.

I would like to add that this is a great resource for parents as well as teachers. Next time your child expresses an interest learning more about rockets or butterflies or digestion or water or Diwali or Darwin or ballet or experimenting or snow or (you get the idea) , search the database and see what award-winning, well-written, fun book you can find to help your child learn.… Read more

Falling In Love With Dead People

I wrote my first post for a really interesting blog called I.N.K. Interesting Nonfiction for Kids.

Take a look and comment there when you get a chance.

I spent all day writing it (and I had been thinking about it making notes for a while) and then cutting it because it got way too long. I hope to use the rest of it as a speech. I guess blog writing is an art! I’m thinking of writing one here called Falling in Love With Fake People. Stay tuned.

I also want to call your attention to the latest issue of Newsweek, which has a column by Anna Quindlen about my niece Laurie Miller Brotman’s terrific work with children.… Read more