Dog Days

On July 8, 2012, a new being came into our lives. It’s been almost a month, and I can say that every day is now a dog day, and happily so. The Monday after we got her, I sat down at my desk to write. Ketzie immediately decided that while I’m at work, her favorite place to be is right there, in the corner, under my desk. You can’t imagine how happy this makes me. A writer’s life can be lonely. Having a little creature with you at all times chases away the lonely blues. (It also makes it seem like you are talking to a dog, and not yourself.… Read more

Earth in the Hot Seat

Here is a wonderful interview with my friend Marfe Ferguson Delano, who wrote the great new book EARTH IN THE HOT SEAT. I love what she says about kids (and us, too) being able to make a difference. At a time when there is so much bad stuff that is out of our control, to know that we can help our planet–really help it–is very reassuring. And empowering. Thanks to Marfe for sharing the interview, and especially for writing this book.

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