Words of Wisdom, Courtesy of NYPL’s LIBRARY WALK


Last week I was tooling around town with my dearest Laurie Halse Anderson, and we found ourselves in the New York Public Library with our laptops. (OK, we actually planned it.) After writing (with Laurie) I walked to the dentist (without Laurie, who went downtown to protest with thousands of others), I came across this wonderful set of plaques in the sidewalk. Last week I tweeted and Instragrammed one. It was the perfect moment for that one (and always is).  Check it out here.

This week’s is by Emily Dickinson. (It’s always a perfect moment for Emily Dickinson, I believe.)



And just for the fun of it,  here’s another record of that day.… Read more

Memorizing poetry

I recently met (and fell in love with) http://www.maryannhoberman.com/, our new Children’s Poet Laureate. And because of her, and my husband, I am trying to memorize some poems. Jon is working on a long, difficult one by Shakespeare, called “The Phoenix and the Turtle.” I am starting shorter and simpler (rhyming helps!) with Emily Dickinson. Even though this is not easy for me (I think I really might have tried acting as a profession but I’m just really bad, and have always been bad, at memorizing), I have already found one benefit. The other night I was memorizing “This is my letter to the world,” and when I woke up in the middle of the night, instead of the usual middle of the night anxious to-do list thoughts, I had the words of that poem in my head and was able to fall back to sleep easily.… Read more