A Short Rant

 I get so angry when people misquote Darwin. He was one of the true good-guys of history & never wanted to offend. Don’t USE him to offend. I should ask Holt to send Kirk Cameron a truckload of CHARLES AND EMMAs, shouldn’t I? 

I can’t stand to watch the video. Can someone watch it for me, please? 
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Charles and Emma Darwin and a Theory of Life

Happy 200th Birthday, Charles Darwin! (Lincoln who? Just kidding…) Robert Krulwich did a story using me on Morning Edition today, and I think it turned out great. Here’s the link:


I taped more than an hour of conversation with him, and he did a great job of editing it down (oh and he interviewed two other people, too). The thing about this book is that I can talk about it endlessly because it is truly a book from my heart. It really so much represents what I’m all about: people, relationships, family, and the intersection of science and religion (given who my husband is).… Read more