Where Have I Been? Revising. A Few Things I learned.

This is a good thing, right? I’m revising my novel, and working hard on it! But I feel guilty about neglecting my blog. That’s not a good thing. 

So, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to stop feeling guilty! And I’m going to share with you some things I’ve learned while revising. 

1. Set a timer! I got strict orders from my physical therapist not to sit for more than twenty minutes at a time. (Herniated disc in my lower back. Sitting compresses it, makes it hurt like hell.) It turned out that setting that timer was not only good for my back (that and the P.T.… Read more

The Bubble Explained: Part Two

 Yesterday I had the great good fortune to spend the afternoon with women I worked with twenty some years ago at Scholastic News, where we all learned to write for kids (which is a noble and well-respected genre, but I am NOT going to rant about that condescending essay someone wrote recently. I’m not.). Anyway, they had read my previous post and asked me some questions about The Bubble. I realized I hadn’t told you the whole story. The reasoning behind the bubble. So here goes:

First of all, credit where credit is due: my husband, Jonathan Weiner, coined the term as I am using it.… Read more

The Bubble

I keep referring to THE BUBBLE and people think I’m taking a bath. So, hereby, a definition of THE BUBBLE: 

BUBBLE: noun, A time in which to write without interruption. It requires turning off the internet. Not answering the phone. Taking breaks without turning on the internet and answering the phone. One needs to tell family and friends not to call unless they are bleeding to death and no on else can help. The amount of bubble time can vary, but it helps to make it consistent so said friends and family don’t get confused. I try to make mine in the morning. 

BUBBLE: verb, the act of going into the bubble to write. 

I am going to BUBBLE now. 

See you later. 

P.S.… Read more