The Cook Prize!


I’m thrilled to report that THE BOY WHO LOVED MATH won the Cook Prize!

For details please visit the Bank Street page here. This one is extra-special to me and to the awesome LeUyen Pham because the finalists were chosen by the Bank Street Book Committee, and then the winner was voted on by epsilons! Paul would love that.


Thank you to all the teachers and librarians who helped their 3rd and 4th-grade children participate. It’s the third year for this prize. May it continue on infinitely!  

The other finalists are stellar. Check them out: 

No Monkeys, No Chocolate by Melissa Stewart, Bone by Bone by Sara Levine and Toilet by David MacaulayRead more

The Cook Prize


The Boy Who Loved Math: The Improbable Life of Paul Erdos is a Cook Prize finalist!

What is the Cook Prize? It’s a new(ish) award given by Bank Street for STEM picture books. Here’s the Cook Prize Page.

And please see this post for the other beautiful finalists! Congratulations to them, and to Bank Street for initiating this prize. And if you’re a teacher in 3rd or 4th grade, please have your students vote!… Read more

Blog neglect, Peter and Rosemary Grant, Fun Photos, and Shoes Needed

Perhaps there is a term for this, or we should think of it. Blog neglect is all I can think of. I have this nice little blog. A space to talk and write and vent and pontificate and show photos. And sometimes I am very attentive and sometimes I neglect this poor little blog.

I have neglected my flowers, but it rained, and so they are still alive. I honestly don’t want it to rain on my blog, though.

So here is a quick lick and a promise to write more soon before we head off to Kyoto on Saturday. Oh, yes, Kyoto, which might just explain why I’ve been too busy to blog, but in fact, it does not!… Read more

A Great Day in DC: or Once Again, Nothing like Children’s Book People

Today was day one in DC.  I had two great events: I taped a long, wonderful interview at WETA for Reading Rockets  photos below, and then I talked to kids and librarians at a public library. Everyone was wonderful, welcoming, and there is nothing like talking to people who smile and nod at you while you speak. I had the same experience on Monday at Bank Street, and later at Holt’s offices. It’s being a very nice week. I haven’t cleared permission to post the Bank Street photos yet, but as soon as I do, I will. Here are photos from today–after the taping.Read more


My last post was about oatmeal and the National Book Award. Keeping with a theme, I would like  to share my granola recipe. I made it yesterday (yesterday being a day of mostly lying in the couch recuperating from screaming since noon on Wednesday). It is just so delicious that I want to share it. Tomorrow I will be speaking to children at Bank Street (their Mock Newbery committee) with Jacqueline Kelly, author of The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate. And in the afternoon we are going to meet a whole bunch of wonderful NYC children’s book people at the Holt offices. So today I’m preparing speeches, exercising, and eating granola. 

Enjoy!… Read more