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Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin

I wrote a love letter to Charles Darwin over here. My title was Happy Birthday, Friend. They had to make it something more edgy.. (and slightly wrong. The term Survival of the Fittest didn’t originate with Charles, but with Herbert Spencer.) But that’s just a quibble. I loved writing this, revisiting the old haunts, and thinking about my beloved Darwins. Of course it was a love letter to Emma, too. This has been a Darwin week. I went to a great event at the American Museum of Natural History the other night. (Moderated by one Jonathan Weiner.) The occasion was the … Continue reading

My Found Treasure: A Pro and Con List ala Charles Darwin!

  Happy Birthday week, Charles Darwin! There’s a lot of excitement in the Darwin world right now because the Cambridge Digital Library has announced the publication online of more Darwiniana. Most importantly (being the child-centric person that I am) is the inclusion of the drawings of his children. When Charles discarded a manuscript draft, the children grabbed the pages and drew on the back of them. Their loving parents saved the pages not for the great man’s words, but for the kids’ drawings. I had known about these doodles when I wrote CHARLES AND EMMA, and do mention them in the book. But … Continue reading