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Putting on My Hats & Taking Them on the Road. Also Some Advice.


Hi. It’s been a while. Hope you’ve been good. What a winter, right? And now it’s spring. Sort of.

This spring has been and will continue to be of a whirlwind of events, even though what I need to be doing is finishing my W.I.P. (which means Work In Progress not West In Peace). I am working hard on said book, but lately the work on the book has been between trips hither and yon, and events close to home. And because I write so many different kinds of books, it seemed like each event was for a different me. … Read more

Authors For Earth Day: Book A Visit

I care about the future of our planet. Do you? Of course you do. Are you a teacher or a librarian at a school? Would you like to have your kids participate in helping our earth? Are you an independent bookseller who would like to help me help the earth?

I am donating proceeds from my fee from one school visit this year, preferably in April, to help our planet. Go to Authors for Earth Day for more information. You can also read this letter.

Please pass the word! Thanks!

Also, check out THE BOY page, for exciting news.


 … Read more